Replica Wooden Lighthouses

Light up your yard with replica lighthouses from all across the American coast.

Wooden Lighthouses

Our lighthouses provide a unique way to beautify your landscape by covering well casings, sewer pipes, and other eyesores in your yard.

Nautical Products


Our wooden lighthouses are handcrafted from a top quality signboard plywood and painted with a tough, exterior grade paint for protection from the elements. All lighthouses come standard with a 25 watt bulb.

Replicated Styles

Lighthouses depicted are five feet (5') tall.

Montauk Lighthouse

New York Montauk

Fire Island Lighthouse

New York Fire Island

Assateague Lighthouse

Virginia Assateague

Cape Henry Lighthouse

Virginia Cape Henry

Oak Island Lighthouse

North Carolina Oak Island

Bodie Island Lighthouse

North Carolina Bodie Island

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Georgia Tybee Island

St Augustine Lighthouse

Florida St. Augustine

White Shoal Lighthouse

Michigan White Shoal

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse

Florida Cape Canaveral

Cape Lookout Lighthouse

North Carolina Cape Lookout

Barnegat Lighthouse

New Jersey Barnegat

Vermillion Lighthouse

Ohio Vermillion

West Quoddy Lighthouse

Maine West Quoddy

Marblehead Lighthouse

Ohio Marblehead

Cape Cod Lighthouse

Massachusetts Cape Cod

Cape May Lighthouse

New Jersey Cape May

Split Rock Lighthouse

Minnesota Split Rock

Sizes and Pricing

In addition to the designs shown above, lighthouses are available in many more custom colors and designs. Contact us for more information.

Height Price Outside Bottom Diameter Inside Bottom Diameter Inside Diameter at 2' High Inside Top Diameter Inside Height
2' $169 12.5" 8.5" N/A 4.75" 12" Shop Now
3' $209 15.5" 10.5" N/A 5.9" 19" Shop Now
4' $279 20.5" 15.4" 8.5" 7.5" 29" Shop Now
5' $329 22" 16.75" 11.25" 7.63" 39" Shop Now
6' $439 25" 20" 15.5" 10.75" 48" Shop Now
8' $749 34" 28" 23" 13.5" 79" Shop Now
12' Call for Price 49" 40" 36" 18.5" 109" Shop Now
Lighthouse size comparison

Lighthouse Bases

Add a base to your lighthouse in order to give it some extra elevation and protection from the ground.

Lighthouse Size Total Height with Attached Base Base Diameter Base Height
2' 2 FT, 4.5 IN 13" 4.5"
3' 3 FT, 6 IN 18" 6"
4' 4 FT, 8 IN 22" 8"
5' 5 FT, 10 IN 24" 10"
6' 8 FT 27" 12"
8' 9 FT, 6 IN 36" 18"
12' 14 FT 51" 24"
Lighthouse Base size comparison

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